Fruiting hawthorn bush
Hawthorn for blood pressure - how to take and mechanism of action, benefits and contraindications of tincture or tea
Many people are very interested in the question of whether hawthorn increases or decreases blood pressure. Hawthorn has a strong effect
Symptoms of heart failure in old age: find and neutralize
The first manifestations of various heart diseases should be carefully examined to avoid the development of more
High cardiovascular risk: main components
High cardiovascular risk: main components Lecture transcript of the XXV All-Russian Educational Internet Session for doctors
Management of ARVI in comorbid patients with diabetes and cardiovascular pathology
Colds, the most common group of infectious pathologies, affect people of all ages and social groups.
Increased or decreased alpha amylase in the blood - causes and treatment
Enzymes are a large group of substances that are involved in the processing of compounds. The main task -
Ischemic stroke in the territory of the right middle cerebral artery
What are the features of the symptoms of this disease? In the presence of ischemic stroke in the right mesencephalic basin
Photo - microscope and test tubes. Research in frozen pregnancy.
Ultrasound at 6 weeks of pregnancy: how they do it, what it shows, ultrasound norms
Ultrasound at the 6th obstetric week of pregnancy The 6th obstetric week of pregnancy is the time
Blood test methods for PLT
Study of platelet aggregation ability
Increased aggregation is a marker of hyperaggregation syndrome and thrombophilia. The most commonly used is the Born turbidimetric method.
VISION S60 bicycle ergometer from Johnson Health Tech
Bicycle ergometry: indications, contraindications, methodology
Coronary heart disease is a group of acute and chronic cardiovascular diseases, which are based on
All about bracelets for treating blood pressure
All about bracelets for normalizing blood pressure
The peak of popularity of magnetic bracelets occurred in the 80s and 90s of the last century, although
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