Fruiting hawthorn bush
Hawthorn for blood pressure - how to take and mechanism of action, benefits and contraindications of tincture or tea
Many people are very interested in the question of whether hawthorn increases or decreases blood pressure. Hawthorn has a strong effect
Increased or decreased alpha amylase in the blood - causes and treatment
Enzymes are a large group of substances that are involved in the processing of compounds. The main task -
VISION S60 bicycle ergometer from Johnson Health Tech
Bicycle ergometry: indications, contraindications, methodology
Coronary heart disease is a group of acute and chronic cardiovascular diseases, which are based on
Almag-01 Magnetotherapeutic device with traveling pulsed field, 1 pc.
Home → Physiotherapy devices → Magnetic therapy devices → Almag devices → Almag Plus
Drink with additives
The use of Monastic tea as an alternative to treating hypertension with tablets
DlyaSerdca → Hypertension → Use of Monastic tea as an alternative to treating hypertension with tablets Hypertension –
Iron-containing foods: what to choose for a meat-eater and a vegetarian
Various approaches to losing weight limit certain foods, modifying the diet of the person losing weight. Unbalanced diet with
Symptoms and consequences of an overdose of painkillers
Painkillers and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can in most cases be found in a medicine cabinet
Hospitalization and paid treatment at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences A.N. Bakuleva
Services Highly qualified specialists of the Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery named after. A.N. Bakulev treats the following pathologies:
Physical activity and hypertension
Is it possible to swim at high pressure and how to do it correctly?
Diseases of the cardiovascular system around the world are only increasing every year. Especially it concerns
Arguments when appealing suspension from work due to refusal to be vaccinated against coronavirus infection (to help lawyers)
Young people who have diseases of the cardiovascular system upon reaching military age begin to worry
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