Blood test methods for PLT
Study of platelet aggregation ability
Increased aggregation is a marker of hyperaggregation syndrome and thrombophilia. The most commonly used is the Born turbidimetric method.
How to set your biological clock to your ideal daily routine?
The term "biological clock" is used in different contexts. But it is always kept in mind that
All about enteral nutrition
Feeding patients through a tube: features and technique of the feeding process
There is a certain category of diseases in which the patient faces problems eating. This
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Can cancer be diagnosed using a blood test?
A complete blood count means counting the number of cells in a venous blood sample. Capillary blood is not
C-reactive protein value
C-reactive protein in the evaluation of patients with respiratory symptoms before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
Prices Name of service (incomplete price list) Price C-reactive protein (CRP) 400 rub. In everyone's body
what is hemorrhoidal torbectomy photo
Thrombectomy from external hemorrhoid using laser method
Make an appointment Hemorrhoids are a common pathology of the vascular system. As a rule, it occurs by
What spices increase blood pressure?
The menu of patients with hypotension must include spicy dishes, which is why
Location of the spleen
Capsule endoscopy in Belarus Medtronic & Covidien / Given Imaging
Osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine This disease is very common today. People are especially susceptible to it
What is sinus node dysfunction: causes and treatment methods
The heart independently generates electrical impulses, and the sinus node (SU) helps it cope with the task.
What is subclavian artery stenosis?
What is subclavian artery stenosis? 10.23.2019 Clinical picture of the disease of the subclavian and innominate peripheral
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